GYPS 100th Anniversary Collection of Artefacts (for Alumni)

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Calling for Ex-GYPS Pupils/ Staff


Dear Ex-Guangyang Primary Schoool Pupils/ Staff,

We will be celebrating GYPS 100th Anniversary on 14 Jul 2018. We are collecting some artefacts of yester-years from 1918-1990 for our exhibition.

Some examples of artefacts we are collecting are:
● Medals/ Trophies
● Blue PE T-shirts
● Report Books
● GYPS files/ exercise books
● Items/ souvenirs with Guangyang Primary School name /school crest printed

If you have them, please email Miss Wong Meng Yean/ Mrs Ho-Chan Hui Lin at gypspd@yahoo.com by 25 May 2018. We will get in touch with you.

Thank you.