Singapore Youth Festival @ Esplanade

‘Melodies’ Series at the Esplanade Concourse on Sunday 2 July 2017
Handbell and Handchime Category

21 A# Junior Ringers joined their seniors for this performance at the Esplanade Concourse with a rendition of ‘Trumpet Voluntary’, ‘Colours of the Wind’ and ‘Di Tanjong Katong’. Many thanks to all the parents who turned up to support us.

aes01 syf esplanade 2017_800


Singapore Youth Festival 2017

Visual Art Exhibition

Category A (Primary 1 and 2)

“We Try New Things”

In this Artwork, we imagine many colourful bubbles under the surface of the sea. We can see images of pokeballs, illuminatis, genetic cells and other interesting patterns. It may look like a cave with some awesome rock formations, explosions of a nebula, Martian’s eggs or even cells that we may not have discovered. They may not have a nucleus or anything but we will definitely enhance our imagination and continue to explore the secrets of the world.

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Category B (Primary 3 and 4)

“Teams with Open Minds”

We enjoy doodling our imaginative ideas in circles of different sizes. The circles represent different groups of people coming together to unleash their creativity and share interesting ideas.

aes03 syf visual art cat b 2017_750


Category C (Primary 5 and 6)

“We Reach Out and Embrace Our Differences”

In school, we enjoy different types of learning experiences in different spaces such as gardens, library, art room, science laboratory, etc. The four colours represent our multi-racial society. We hope everyone can work together to build a vibrant Singapore that we all can be proud of.

aes04 syf visual art cat c 2017_560

Receipients Of Certificate Of Recognition For Category B
“Teams with Open Minds” was exhibited at Scape Park and our Art Team was on-site to showcase their artwork. Congratulations to the GYPS Art Team!

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GYPS A# Handbell in the Ministry of Bellz 10th Annual Concert

GYPS A# Handbell Ringers participated in the Ministry of Bellz 10th Annual Concert (MOB-10) Classic Celebrations – featuring international and foreign artistes, bringing the audience through a world of familiar classical and orchestral music combined with story-telling, ballet cum multi-media and multi-sensory experiences at School of the Arts (SOTA) on Saturday 21 January 2017.

Congratulations to our A# Ringers and Teachers-in-Charge for their participation and achieving the feat of being a part of the LARGEST HANDBELL ENSEMBLE with a total of 290 ringers (breaking the current record) and was inducted once again into the SINGAPORE BOOK OF RECORDS!! Well Done, A# TEAM!!

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Upcoming Event:

SYF Arts Presentations in April 2018

aesthetics_2018_syf_wishes“We wish all our Performing Arts groups a very successful SYF Arts Presentation”