20 Mar 2018

SA1 Letter to Parents

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20 Mar2018

Communication for Term 2


26 Jan 2018

Parents’ Briefing Slides 2018

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10 Jan 2018

CA1 Letter to Parents

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19 Nov 2017

GYPS Booklist 2018

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P5 EMS & FMTL     P5 EMS & HMTL     P5 EMS & MTL     P5 FEMS & FMTL    P5 FEMS & MTL

P6 EMS & FMTL     P6 EMS & HMTL     P6 EMS & MTL     P6 FEMS & FMTL     P6 FEMS & MTL


10 Nov 2017

P1 Orientation Slides

Welcome Address by Principal

Preparing Your Child for Primary One

Alphajoy Student Care Centre

Parent Support Group


13 Apr 2017

School Valid Reasons Policy for School Awards