Racial Harmony Day 2020

This year, Guangyang Primary School commemorated Racial Harmony Day (RHD) with a series of activities over a week-long celebration in July.

Throughout the week, form teachers taught and stressed the rationale behind the commemoration of RHD. Videos were used to highlight how racial harmony is critical to Singapore’s multi-ethnic society, and students also engaged in rich discussions in class about how they can contribute and play their part in preserving racial harmony in Singapore.


Our Primary 3 students also showcased their creativity in the National Heritage Board’s Mask-a-rade Challenge to create and design a face mask based on the theme of what they hope a post-Covid-19 Singapore would look like.

The highlight of the week was the Free Dress Day on Wednesday, 15 July. Teachers and students were not only encouraged to wear their ethnic costumes to school, but one that is not of their own ethnicity.


Traditional game stations like Five Stones, Pick-up sticks, Chapteh, Congkak and Kuti-kuti were also set up at each of the recess venues to allow students to learn more about the traditional games and enjoy it with their classmates while adhering to the safety management measures for Covid-19.


A live Zoom assembly session was also conducted by a team from __________, with students attending from their respective classes and P4Teamwork representing the school in various hands-on interaction with the vendor.


Lastly, our School Leaders, teachers from the PE and CCA Department, as well as our Admin staffs, came together to create a video named “We Play Together, We Stay Together”, showcasing different traditional games played at different locations in school.


All in all, it was a unique and memorable RHD experience that Guangyang pupils will remember for many years to come.