Innergy Award 2020 – Commendation

Project Title: Streamlining the Award and Recognition Structure in Guangyang Primary School


In GYPS, we aspire to recognise professional contributions by both individual staff and teams in a fair and transparent manner. A peer recognition structure which involves staff to nominate their peers only serves to display the school’s mindset of excellence that goes beyond monetary benefits. Through this new structure, there are now more opportunities for all staff to be recognised internally for their excellent contributions.

To further strengthen the school’s culture of care, the submission of nomination write-ups by every staff has been reduced. This has tremendously helped to address staff’s workload concern without compromising the school’s intent of promoting peer recognition. The restructuring journey began with     a staff’s suggestion to reduce the number of nomination write-ups made by each staff for the various national awards eg., PAT, OYEA etc. Through this invaluable suggestion, the staff awards and recognition team introduced GYPS internal awards that are better streamlined for various national awards.

GYPS internal awards are for all staff and decided by the staff. The current structure serves to recognise both teaching and non-teaching staff which was not evident in the previous structure. A panel of award evaluators from different staff segments comes together to decide on the most deserving awardees. Through this new structure, staff will not only feel recognised but also appreciated by their fellow colleagues.

The school’s culture of All Hands on Deck is strongly demonstrated in this peer recognition journey from the start of staff nominations to the selection and finally, the end-of-year celebration of both awardees and nominees for their excellent contributions and nominations.

With the new structure, the staff awards and recognition team hopes to inspire all staff in GYPS with the success stories of their fellow peers towards learning for life for the holistic development of every pupil.


Staff Awards & Recognition Team 2019
Norsinah Suadi, Johnson Chee, Teo Wei Ping