National Day Celebration 2020

In the light of COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 National Day Celebrations at Guangyang witnessed the first E-Observance Ceremony on 7 August. The formal ceremony was pre-recorded and broadcasted via our school ‘Youtube’ channel for all staff and pupils to view from their designated classrooms. Pupils also had the pleasure of having the school leaders, key personnels and non-teaching staff in their classes as guests, who joined in the ceremony.

The formal ceremony began with the march-past by our prefects. They were led by Mr Martin (VPA), who took on the role as the parade commander for this year’s formal observance ceremony. The ceremony was followed by flag-raising and recitation of the pledge.

The final segment of the ceremony ended with the ’Recollection’ segment, where students reflected on past and present challenges faced by our country and how each of us have a part to play in building a stronger Singapore. Based on prevailing safe management measures, this year the recollection segment was conducted online.

The National Day commemoration was followed by a celebrations segment. The celebration started off with the the NDP 2020 theme song appreciation. Followed by, ACES workout led by our health ambassadors. All pupils exercised simultaneously, starting with a warm-up routine followed by a main dance and ending with a cool-down segment.

Pupils were also delighted to watch the SYFxNDP Stronger Together video and exploring the SYF Stronger Together Artwork online. They also had a peek into the behind-the-scene footages of NDP 2020.

As part of the art appreciation for ND, the ‘National Day Cardboard Relief Artworks’ by primary 4 were also showcased. 3 top artwork from each class were displayed. Further to that, all primary 4 and primary 6 pupils took part in ‘National Day Pledge Card Competition’. The pupils designed cards based on the theme ‘fond memories of Singapore’s senior citizens’. A total of 38 best entries were shortlisted by our art teachers and submitted for the competition. 9 artworks were selected as winning entries. It was a proud moment for all.

The ‘GYPS Rhapsody’ performances from our very own talents was the highlight of the whole celebration. Pupils from various classes who took part in the recess rhapsody, had put together a heart-warming video collage, expressing their wishes for our Nation’s 57th birthday.

Class-based activities were also included in the ND programme, which added more vibrancy into the celebrations. Pupils engaged in discussions during the Character and Citizenship Education lesson on how they can build a stronger Singapore, based on this year's NDP theme. All pupils received a booklet consisting of activities and information on ND, which was specially designed in partnership with the Singapore Kindness Movement.

The celebrations rounded up with principal’s address to the school. Pupils then enjoyed their recesses and headed back to class to collect their national day gifts, before their staggered dismissal.

Guangyang celebrated National Day in a very special way indeed. Despite the present challenges, our staff and pupils displayed their mindset of excellence, showcased their all hands on deck approach and beautifully exemplified their culture of care!