Partnership With BE-Thomson CCC

Partnership with the Community

In line with our strategic thrust to forge collaborative partnership with parents and the community at large, the school named Bishan East – Thomson CCC (BE-Thomson CCC) and MDAS as our external partners. 

GYPS Seniors – Students Interaction Group aims to help engage the senior citizens from Bishan in healthy activities. They are engaged in light exercise (Ba Duan Jin) as well as interactions amongst themselves and with pupils from GYPS. It is through such interaction that the school hopes to develop in pupils a sense of moral responsibility, love, care and concern towards others in the community. Friendship is fostered between the young and old through communication and interaction. At the same time, pupils develop the important skill of listening and cultivate a strong desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

In partnership with BE-Thomson CCC, GYPS organised the following:


1. Seniors – Students Interaction on Tuesdays

Primary 3 to Primary 6 classes are scheduled for the interaction/exercise session with the senior citizens. Pupils will interact with the senior citizens for half an hour and join the senior citizens in their exercise session for the next half an hour.

Form teachers will follow up by having discussions with the pupils based on the interactions. They Pupils would then submit their reflections.

be_t_ccc01 interaction tuesday_800


2. Seniors – Students Interaction Group Chinese New Celebrations
Every year P6 pupils will host the Chinese New Year Celebrations for the Senior Citizens. Primary 6 pupils take on different responsibilities such as packing goodie bags, ushering, performing, serving and being the masters of ceremony on that day. This year, the pupils made Chinese New Year cards for all the senior citizens which were presented during the celebration.

be_t_ccc02 cny interaction_800


3. Mass Walk
Senior Citizens take part in the school’s mass walk every year which promotes healthy living.

ce_t_ccc03 mass walk_800


4. Talks for senior Citizens
The school collaborates with other organizations to give talks to the senior citizens on health and safety.


5. Basic ICT skills for Senior Citizens
Selected classes guide senior citizens to learn basic ICT skills. During the session pupils help the senior citizens in using the computer.



6. A Cup From the heart
The school has partnered Bishan East CCC in a community project called “A Cup From The Heart”.
The objective is to start a movement to rekindle the community spirit where residents do things together and help each other in the spirit of goodwill, knowing that one can count on others in times of need. For more details you can log on to
In partnership with Bishan East Grassroots Organisations, GYPS organised the “A Cup From The Heart” community project during the school’s Children’s Day Celebration. The school wanted to make Children’s Day Celebration a special one for the children and to educate them in stepping forward and helping the community at a young age by donating a cup of rice/beverages/instant noodles to the less fortunate.
A Cup from the HEART initaitive has benefited many needy residents living in Bishan – Toa Payoh area.