GYPS Aesthetics Department is committed to providing all students with opportunities to engage and succeed in the arts. The needs and interests of every student is catered to through high quality and customised programmes. We tap on our multi-national student population which is a very unique resource to share their diverse cultural experiences through the Arts. Amidst a vibrant learning environment, students discover their innate talents from the classroom music curriculum to the application of the skills in the CCA Programme, transforming into gracious citizens of Singapore. Thus, the Aesthetics Department has developed its own vision and mission statements:

Vision: An Artist in Everyone

Mission: Maximise the potential of each and every pupil in the Arts



GYPS pupils are able to express themselves confidently through Art and Music


  1. In expressing themselves through the Arts, students develop their communication skills.
  2. Arts activities provide an avenue for students to express their emotions.
  3. Arts activities that enable students to work with their peers and help them develop 21st century skills.
  4. Arts programmes that cater to both the affective and cognitive domains of our students.

 The programme ‘LIVE YOUR PASSION’ aims to develop performing arts as the school’s niche. This is done through infusion in the school curriculum and after-school programmes.

‘Live Your Passion’ Programme for 2020 comprises 3 core components namely: the broad-based Music Curriculum, the complementary performing arts Co-curricular Activities that further develop interests, and the more specialised ‘A# (Sharp)’ Programme (Talent Development in Music)



GYPS Arts Framework (Performing and Visual)

The programme caters to the whole pupil population as it is designed for two groups of pupils:

  • pupils with music background or who show good potential in at least 1 area of performing arts;
  • remaining pupil population without any music background.

A whole-school and broad-based approach is adopted for performing arts as a niche area. As shown in Diagram A, this is carried out through the school’s curricular and co-curricular programmes using the E3 Framework through the following stages of development: Exposure, Extension and Excellence. Based on the E3 Framework, the school plans and implements all components of ‘Live Your Passion’ (GYPS Arts Education Programme 2020) as shown in Diagram B.


aest_2018_diagram_a_2nd_800Learning for Life Programme (LLP) 

Recognised and supported by the Ministry of Education, the LLP provides pupils with real-life experiential learning to develop their character and values. This includes inculcating positive attitudes and strengthening 21st century competencies. There is strong emphasis on professional development of teachers to ensure sustainability of the programme in the long term.

We are implementing a 3-tiered structure catering to different learning experiences, interests and abilities.




Music Curriculum

The school’s Classroom Music curriculum for all levels is delivered in 4 modules namely: (1) Singing (2) Theory and Composing  (3) Listening and Responding to Music – Cultural Appreciation and (4) Ensemble Playing. Music literacy is developed through reading and performance based conventional and non-conventional notation leading to self-expression and creativity. Pupils will then be shown how theoretical knowledge may be applied in the choreography of dances as well as in the areas of instrumental music and interpretation.



The school aims to enhance the Instrumental Experience of pupils through the Co-curricular Programme. Besides putting in place the processes to achieve GYPS long-term goals of developing confident and passionate individuals, the school is working towards helping members of the various instrumental groups to obtain the necessary qualifications to better their understanding of Music as well as to gain admission to secondary schools offering the Art/Music Elective Programme (AEP/MEP) or the School of the Arts. Performing Arts CCAs offered are as follows:

  • Angklung and Kulintang Ensemble
  • Chinese Dance
  • Malay Dance
  • Indian Dance
  • GYPS Strings

Angklung & Kuliantang Ensemble at 2018 SYF Arts Presentation

Indian Dance Group at 2018 SYF Arts Presentation

Malay Dance Group at 2018 SYF Arts Presentation

Chinese Dance at 2018 SYF Arts Presentation

GYPS A# Handbell Ensemble at 2018 SYF Arts Presentation


GYPS 101st Open House on 27 July 2019

Primary 4  Cohort Programme –  Annual Musical (2019)

Our P4 students confidently presented a theatrical dance performance entitled “Embracing a New Age”. Scripted by the students themselves, it represented the hopes and aspirations of all GYPS students. It depicted the way students learn in a futuristic environment, assisted by androids and robots. Coupled with a mindset of innovation and the courage to test out new inventions, they explored the use of futuristic transportation tools to connect the world. Tapping on their curiosity, they showed us how their knowledge of the life sciences and human DNA can be applied to benefit mankind.


Milestone Musical for our 100th Anniversary Celebrations in 2018

Musical 2018 by all the P5 Pupils, Chinese Dance, Malay Dance, Indian Dance, Handbell, Angklung and Centennial Choir – “The Concert Extravaganza” for Guangyang Primary School’s 100th Anniversary Celebrations

GYPS Strings

The Violin and Cello Interest Group is now formalised as a CCA and is known as GYPS Strings. Training sessions are conducted on Fridays 3.30 to 5.30 pm.



GYPS A# Handbell Ensemble

The GYPS A# Handchime Ensemble was incepted in 2007 as part of the school’s Talent Development Programme for Music and subsequently made its debut Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Performance in 2008. Since then, the members have been actively engaged in numerous public performances such as the Orchard Road Christmas Light-up and community events within the Bishan Constituency. In 2009, Handbells were introduced to enhance the members’ musical experiences. Growing from strength to strength, the group was accorded the GOLD Award at the 2010 SYF Central Judging, and subsequently GOLD (with Honours) in 2012. Under the revised SYF Arts Presentation system, the group was accorded a Certification of Distinction in 2014 and 2016. The group was accorded a Certificate of Accomplishment in 2018.



Public Performances

Public Performances (2017)


A heart-warming and nostalgic concert by our Primary 6 pupils paying tribute to parents and teachers