GYPS Open House 2017

Guangyang Primary School (GYPS) opened its doors to the general public and parents on 15 July during its annual Open House. In spite of the less than perfect weather, more than 900 guests, including parents of prospective pupils, were given an insider’s perspective of the school’s holistic education programmes as they interacted with our pupils.

01 open house_welcome n exhibit_800

Guests were treated to a splendid musical ‘Lion King’ performed by the Primary 3 cohort and experienced the vibrancy of the school as they immersed in the activities at the interactive exhibitions set up by departments of various subject. As the guests walked along the corridors, pupil ambassadors shared how learning takes on a different stance in GYPS, through the use of outdoor experiential learning spaces.

02 open house_lion king_800

03 open house_ambassador_800

The most important guests on that day were the 6-year old from various kindergartens in our neighbourhood and their parents. They were actively engaged in the Primary School experience as they participated in lessons from the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) like pitching a tent, making bookmarks and dancing to various tunes.

05 open house_kindergarteners_800The highlight of the event was the carnival where guests used their skills and dexterity to win prizes through participation in different games designed by our very own teachers.

07 open house_carnival_800

The Open House provided an opportunity for our pupils to put into action what they had learnt as part of the 21st Century Skills education in GYPS. Parents and guests were impressed by the confidence and articulation of our pupils’ in delivering guided tours for the guests.

08 open house_handbell n angklung_800

The school thanked all student helpers and parent volunteers who lent a helping hand in preparing pupils for the various performances in show of support for their children and the school.

04 open house_mascot_800

Indeed, it takes a whole village to educate a child and create a rich and diverse learning experience. GYPS Open House vividly exemplified this!