Visitors from Global Education Allies

On 24 July 2019, 42 teachers from the United States of America (mainly from the state of Utah) visited Guangyang Primary School for a first-hand look at Singapore’s educational system. The teachers were visiting Singapore on an exchange organised by the Global Education Allies organisation.

For many of these teachers, it was the first time they have set foot in a Singapore school and for some the first time they have visited Singapore. The visitors were greeted at the school foyer and brought on a tour of the school by our school ambassadors. In addition, they had the opportunity to view Math and Art lessons in action, conducted by Ms Won Min Ting, Mr Kow Choon Huat and Ms Cathleen Leow. They were suitability impressed by the skill of our teachers and the quality of the teaching.


The visitors were impressed by our young school ambassadors – Pramisan Rai and Marcella Lim from 5 Honesty, Clarissa Chen and Angelina Xiu from 5 Diligence, Aidan Mohan and Sandoval Paiton from 5 Teamwork, who gave a brilliant showing.


Accompanied by our Vice-principals, Mr Ho and Mr Martin, together with Mdm Norsinah, Mrs S. Nirmala and Mr. Jeremy Lee, the visitors were given a view of how a typical Singapore school functioned. Visitors were wowed by the various facilities available and the enthusiasm of our educators (when they dropped in on a rehearsal by our Physical Education teachers for ACES day)


At the end of the lesson observation and school tour, the visitors were treated to a small tea with local delights as they engaged in a Q and A session with our School Principal, Mr Vimal. Throughout the entire visit the visitors were full of questions for our staff and school leaders. Questions ranged from the operating hours of the school, the nature of our school curriculum, the workload of pupils and staff, as well as trivia on Singapore.


This visit was again a showcase of the quality education that Guangyang Primary school offers to its pupils. From classroom teaching and learning to the performing arts, visitors were impressed by the work that staff put in in developing the pupils in our charge. At the end of the session, the organiser of the visit, Ms Aino Larsen presented Mr Vimal with a small token for the school – geological rocks from all 50 states of the United States. This gift will be put on display for pupils to see.


Everyone posed for a group photo before the group departed for the rest of their tour in Singapore.