Department Goals

To nurture and maximise learners’ potential to be an Effective Problem Solver with a Passion for Mathematics.

MOE Primary Mathematics Syllabus and Curriculum

The Mathematics Department plans lessons and activities according to the MOE Primary Mathematics Syllabus 2013 and the framework of the Mathematics Curriculum.


The learning of Mathematics involves more than the basic acquisition of concepts and skills. Problem solving is the central focus of the Mathematics curriculum framework. It consists of 5 inter-related components, namely, Concepts, Skills, Processes, Attitudes and Metacognition.


Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract (CPA)

The learning of Mathematics concepts is progressive starting from the use of manipulatives to pictorial cues and gradually to abstract representation.

E³ Mathematics

In GYPS, the focus of our Mathematics programme revolves around exploration, experience and excelling (E³ Mathematics) in the learning of Mathematics.

 Explore  Primary 1 and 2 • Hands-on activities
• Games – outdoor and indoor
 Experience  Primary 3 and 4 • Experience and Investigation
• Link to real life situation
 Excel  Primary 5 and 6 • Application of Mathematics concepts and skills in problem solving

Based on the above 3 prong approach, we seek to

• develop pupils’ competency in Mathematical problem solving skills through engaged learning;
• develop their ability to use logical thinking and reasoning skills through solving Mathematical problems;
• build their confidence in asking questions during Mathematics lessons;
• use Mathematical language to communicate Mathematical ideas and arguments precisely and logically;
• develop positive attitudes towards Mathematics.

Explore (P1 and P2)

Opportunities are provided for pupils to explore Mathematical concepts through the use of concrete materials and hands-on activities.


Experience (P3 and P4)

Learning experiences are designed to help pupils focus on investigation and making connections to real life situations.


Excel (P5 and P6)

Application of Mathematical concepts and skills are emphasised to encourage pupils to explore solving Mathematical problems in multiple ways.



Holistic Assessment – Performance Tasks and Journal Writing

Performance Tasks and Journal Writing are adopted as part of the Holistic Assessment for Primary 1 to Primary 5 pupils.



Enrichment Programme

• International Competitions and Assessment for School (ICAS)
• GYPS Learning Day for Primary 3 to Primary 6 in Term 3
• School-based Math Fun Day for Primary 1 to Primary 5 in Term 3


P1 & P2 Math Fun Day

Pupils applied Mathematical concepts in authentic setting.


P3 Math Fun Day


P4 Math Fun Day


P5 Math Fun Day


Intervention Programmes

Learning Support Math (LSM)

The LSM is a specialised early intervention programme for pupils who lack basic numeracy skills. Small group coaching and additional support are designed to cater for the identified pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 2.


ICAN PROJECT (Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy)

The ICAN project aims to level up the confidence and achievement of low progress pupils in Mathematics by

• helping pupils to bridge the learning gaps;
• developing pupils’ competency in Mathematics with the use of Mathematical language;
• providing opportunities for pupils to experience incremental success;
• helping pupils to make connection of Mathematics concepts and providing practice as well as review to promote retention of concepts learnt.