Parent Support Group

Guangyang Primary School believes that education is a shared responsibility between school and families. As such, we endeavour to forge strong partnerships with parents so that the academic and character development of our students can be effectively achieved.


Active and Collaborative Partners in Education


To render services and support to the school in maximizing the potential of all LEARNERS

We believe that parents’ involvement in school activities will enhance the educational experience of our students.and would like to take this opportunity to invite parents to join in our PSG programmes.

Parent Support Group Executive Committee 2019

 Chairperson  Lim Caihui
 Vice Chairperson (Treasury)  Chiew Siaw Siang Kende
 Vice Chairperson
(Outreach & communications)
 Judith Alagirisamy
 Head of Communications (PSG e-mail)  Goh Chen Ling Beatrice
 Head of Projects  Verome Boo Koh Chor Kiang
 Head of Projects  Samatha Bodepudi

School Advisors

Mr Vimalenthiran Vijayasingam
Mdm Malliga
 (Senior Teacher)

For further information on GYPS Parent Support Group, you could email PSG email address at or Mdm Malliga at


We’ll be most happy to have you join us!

  Parents who are interested in joining the Parent Support Group, please download the application form and return it to the school or you may just approach the school administrative staff.

     Parent Support Group Member Registration:  Parent Support Group Registration Form

Upcoming Events

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Activities Highlights

Jumble Sale

November 2019

There is a saying that goes, “what we take from society, we give back to society.” With this spirit in mind, PSG members took the lead to organise the annual Jumble Sale to raise funds for students on the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS). Together with the Primary 6 students, PSG members sorted, tagged and re-wrapped the pre-loved items that had been generously donated by the student population. Through this exercise, our Parent Volunteers took the opportunity to inculcate the spirit of giving and importance of recycling to the Primary 6 students. . Way to go everyone!


Father-child bonding : Dads-Can-Code! Drones & Robotics Workshop

13 October 2018

With the advancement and development of new technologies at breakneck speed, our children are finding that embracing new knowledge and skills are necessary to their future. Twenty-five dads got together to lead the way on 13 October, immersing themselves into the language of coding and guiding our children to navigate the mechanics of flying a drone and instructing robots to perform tasks. With the guidance of their fathers, the students were able to get their robots moving and their drones flying high in no time. Looking at the smiles on their faces, it was indeed a Saturday morning well spent!


Children’s Day Celebration

4 October 2018

One’s love for ice cream surely emerges at an early age and will never quite leave them even as they are all grown up. This is clearly evident during PSG’s first ice-cream distribution on 4th October as the school celebrates Children’s Day. This year, Parent Volunteers got together to distribute more than 700 cups of ice-cream to the students, making sure each and every student got their share. The event saw all staff and students eagerly collect their ice cream and savour them in heavenly delight.

Some of our talented parents also painted lovely designs for the children at the hand printing stations, with many students excitedly choosing their designs and waiting for their turn. PSG sincerely wishes that all children had a good time and a very Happy Children’s Day to all students!


Teachers’ Day Gift-Making

21st – 24th, August 2018

“A good teacher inspires hope, ignites the imagination, and instils a love of learning”. Our teachers at GYPS are truly a dedicated team who pour their hearts into teaching our children. To recognise their efforts and encourage them, 20 of our Parent Volunteers got together to create a unique gift for each educator this Teachers’ Day. The creative streak in our Parent Volunteers shone through as they created over 70 notebooks with handcrafted beading and decorations as well as beaded keychains for the administrative staff. Here’s wishing all our educators a Happy Teacher’s Day!


Racial Harmony Day

24th July 2018

GYPS is a melting pot of different cultures, and this year’s Racial Harmony Day was a great opportunity for students to experience traditional games and practices. More than 10 of our dedicated Parent Volunteers (PVs) organised booths where our students could play games from different cultures such as Chinese checkers, ‘Tikam Tikam’, ‘Five Stones’ as well as get their hands painted with Henna. Our PVs had a great time interacting with the students, and teaching them about various cultural practices!


Forest Adventure Father-Child Bonding Activity

21st July 2018

“You can do it!”, “Great job!”, “Don’t give up!” Shouts of encouragement and laughter filled the air early on a Saturday morning as 25 adventurous students, together with their fathers, gathered at Bedok Reservoir for some climbing fun at Singapore’s largest Tree Top Adventure Park. Each father and child pair challenged themselves to complete various obstacles as a team effort – crossing swaying bridges at a great height and even zip lining! For many students, this was a memorable experience – and it was all the more special as they got to share it with their dads!


PV Reads Team Building Telematch,

2 June 2018

Since the library storytelling initiative started back in 2017, the library team of Parent Volunteers has grown from strength to strength and we have expanded rapidly. Not only do we conduct weekly storytelling sessions in English, we have also since commenced session in Mother Tongue Languages. Parent Volunteers, together with their families, got together for a morning of team building and fun. From crossing obstacles to shooting balls into the target and finally racing to the finish line, the event was nothing short of excitement and the adrenaline kept every pumping right till the end.


Mother’s Day Gift-Making

May 2018

“Mothers are like flowers that are planted in our hearts that bloom and fill our lives with love”. What better way to show our appreciation for mothers than with a hand-made gift and heartfelt note? Our PSG parents came together over the course of three mornings to create a special ‘tulip’ bloom for our students  to gift their mums this Mother’s Day. Over 500 unique blooms were made and given out to the students to surprise their mums! From all of us at PSG – Happy Mother’s Day!


NLB ‘Book Telling for Upper Primary Students’ Workshop

26th April 2018

On 26th of April, the PSG organised a Parents Workshop on ‘Book Telling for Upper Primary Students’. Over 20 parents took time out of their busy schedules to join us in the school library, as an invited speaker from NLB shared techniques and ideas to make reading fun and engaging for older children. A practical session followed where some participants got to try out their new skills. Everyone left the workshop feeling enthusiastic and inspired to encourage our young ones to read!

Do you have a passion for reading-aloud to children? Join us as library reader! Find out more here:


Parent-Child Bonding

20th April 2018

Our first parent-child bonding event of 2018 was a memorable one! On 20th April, 20 our students and their parents had a fun afternoon of conversation and hands-on crafting. After a yummy packed lunch, the parent-child pairs, led by PSG member Mdm Chooi Ling, created their own unique hand-made pencil holders. Both students and their parents had an enjoyable time working together on their projects – there was lots of laughter, encouragement and great concentration all around as they created their masterpieces!