P1 Registration FAQ

P1 Registration Exercise 2019 (for admission to P1 in 2020)

The 2019 P1 Registration Exercise will be conducted from June to October 2019 for children born between 2 January 2013 and 1 January 2014 (both dates inclusive).

Parents should refer to the registration phases and procedures to find out which phase their children are eligible for, the dates for registration, how to register and the documents required for registration.

Full details in MOE website:
Information for Registration of Children for Admission to P1
Registration Phases and Procedures
Required Documents

Home-School Distance Category

MOE provides schools with an updated list of Home-School distance categories each year, about 2 weeks before the start of the Primary 1 registration process. Parents may check with the schools directly on the distance between their home and the schools. Alternatively, parents may visit Singapore Land Authority’s www.onemap.sg SchoolQuery Service for a list of schools within a radius of 1km and 2km of your address.


Please refer to MOE portal for the latest P1 Registration FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions