Physical Education & CCA

Department Goals

To nurture pupils who are physically fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
To engage pupils in mass physical activities.
To provide pupils with quality PE lessons & CCA opportunities and activities.


The PE programme for lower primary level focuses on mastery of fundamental motor skills such as locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills with application of movement concepts to develop efficiency, effectiveness and versatility in pupils’ performance. Once the foundation is laid, the upper primary level extends the mastery of discrete skills to focusing on more complex combinations, sequences of movements, and skills application in more recognisable forms of activity and games.

7 Learning Areas in Physical Education:
• Games and Sports
• Gymnastics
• Dance
• Outdoor Education
• Swimming
• Physical Health & Fitness (Previously known as Health Education)
• Athletics


Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are integral in ensuring that pupils receive a well-rounded and holistic education. It serves as a platform on which pupils can develop good character, hone their leadership skills and be active contributors to the community.

Based on the belief that individuals thrive in an environment in which all their abilities and talents are recognised and nurtured, the school promotes active participation in the co-curricular activities to develop pupils in their physical, affective and aesthetic domains.

Every pupil in Primary 1 and Primary 2 will participate in Programme for Active Learning (PAL). Every pupil from Primary 3 to Primary 6 is strongly encouraged to participate in at least one CCA of their choice.


Sports & Games


Boys' School Team
Location: Indoor Sports Hall
Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm

Boys & Girls' Development Team
Location: School Hall
Day: Monday
Time: 4:00 - 5:30pm


Mr Mohd Hanafee (OIC)
Mr Tan Yong Yuan
Mrs  hema Ramasamy


School Team
Location: Basketball Court
Day & Time:
Monday 4:00 - 5:30pm
Thursday 3:30 - 5:30pm

Development Team
Location: Basketball Court
Day: Tuesday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Mr Lai Chih Wei (OIC)
Mr Tham Yue Hao
Mdm Aidah Binte Hosni
Mr Herman Bin Hassan


Location: School Hall
Day & Time:
Monday 4:00 - 5:30pm
Thursday 3:30 - 5:30pm


Mr Benildus Kong (OIC)
Mdm Lim Siew Hua



Location: Computer Lab 1
Day: Tuesday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Ms Won Min Ting (OIC)
Mdm Jennifer Lazar
Mr Vemalan Elangovan


Location: Science Room
Day: Tuesday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Mr John Teh Wei Ming (OIC)
Ms Choo Gueh Ngee
Ms Leng Han


Location: Art Room
Day: Tuesday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Ms Cathleen Leow (OIC)
Ms Bianca Ang Hui Ying
Ms Chrisnita


Weiqi & International Chess
Location: Classroom Room B02-04
Day: Thursday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Mrs Ng Joycelyn (OIC)
Mrs Cheah Yin Hui

Performance Arts


Location: Music Room
Day & Time:
Monday 4:00 - 5:30pm (Senior & Junior)
Thursday 3:30 - 5:30pm (Senior)


Mrs Lim-Chew Hua Jie (OIC)
Mdm Malliga
Mrs Clara Fan


Location: Dance Studio
Day: Thursday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Mdm Junaidah (OIC)
Ms Brindha Sankar


Location: Theatrette
Day: Tuesday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Ms Eliza (OIC)
Mdm Thilagaletchumi


Location: Angklung Room
Day: Thursday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Mdm Lim Chiu Har (OIC)
Ms Lua Yi Wen
Ms Devi Krishnan


Location: Handbell Room
Day: Tuesday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Ms Soh Xin Yuan (OIC)
Mr Su Tow Keong


Location: Handbell Room
Day & Time:
Monday 4:00 - 5:30pm
Friday 3:30 - 5:30pm


Mdm Chua Xing Xuan (OIC)
Ms Goh Jia Yee
Ms Hiang Cheng Woon
Ms Teo Wei Ping

Uniformed Groups


Location: PAL Room B02-01
Day: Tuesday
Time: 3:30 - 5:30pm


Mdm Zhu Xueshu (OIC)
Ms Tan Pei Ming Elizabeth

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) For Primary 1 & 2

Level P1 P2
Programmes Kidz Sports I
(Sports & Games)
Kidz Sports II
(Sports & Games)
Let’s Go Out I
(Outdoor Education)
Let’s Go Out II
(Outdoor Education)
Art Expose I
(Visual Art)
Art Expose II
(Visual Art)
(Performing Arts)
(Performing Arts)

PAL activities are conducted for 2 hours per week during curriculum time.

pal activities 2015 760

CCA Recruitment 2019

This year’s CCA Recruitment took place on the 15 January (Tuesday) at GYPS. In total, 14 CCAs took part in the Recruitment Drive and set up booths showcasing the four categories of CCAs in Guangyang Primary School: Sports & Games, Performing Arts & Clubs and Uniform Groups. The highlight of CCA Recruitment this year was the showcase by Performing Arts CCAs. Members from Chinese Dance, GYPS Strings, Indian Dance and Malay Dance put up a short performance at the beginning of the event and shared what they had learnt during their CCAs.


Please visit our facebook page where you can view all media from the events.

Health Week 2019

As part of our commitment to promoting a holistic healthy lifestyle, over the years, Health Week serves as a means to educate and remind ourselves of the importance of healthy living and eating. This is done through a series of health-related activities and programmes.

The programmes this year were as follows:

  1. Parent-Child-Community Mass Walk
  2. Healthy Plate Competition
  3. Health Message Bookmark and Poster Design
  4. Jump Jam Dancerobics
  5. NKF Health Talk, Health Booth and Health Exhibition Bus

The pupils and staff had fun while gaining insightful knowledge on several areas of physical health and fitness such as nutrition, hydration, exercise, hygiene, eye-care and kidney-care.

The school will continue to emphasise on the need to maintain a holistic healthy lifestyle through our weekly health message, our termly Jump Jam Dancerobics, Physical Education lessons, Physical Health and Fitness lessons and various school sporting events and activities.

Parent-Child Community Mass walk

On 3rd February 2020, Monday, Guangyang Primary School held our annual Parent-Child-Community Mass Walk as part of our Health Week 2020 programme.

The walk had four main objectives:

  1. Promote holistic healthy lifestyle through a moderate physical activity for all ages
  2. Promote parent-child bonding
  3. Promote teacher-student relationship
  4. Reach out to community partners

The day began with our Health Pledge in the Hall followed by a warm-up in the carpark, led by 6 seniors from our school’s Hand-in-Hand project. The day was clear and bright, the air filled with excitement and anticipation.


This walk also saw a total of 218 parents joining the walk with their child as Mr Vimal flagged off the beginning of the Parent-Child-Community walk 2020. The contingent was vibrant and high in spirits as they waved the school flags and House banners throughout the route.


Three breakout groups led by student leaders and ambassadors went out to our neighbours, Guangyang Secondary School to interact with pupils, teachers and their school leaders and to invite them to Guangyang Primary School’s upcoming annual open house on Saturday 25th July 2020.

Our graduating class Primary 6 Courage, led by Mr Hanafee, Mdm Fiza and Mr Martin (VPA), exchanged greetings and oranges and bonded over breakfast.


Our other graduating class Primary 6 Diligence, led by Mrs Kang, Mdm Lim SH and Mr Sunny Ho (VP), took the opportunity to exercise with active aging folks from Bishan East CC followed by the exchange of auspicious greetings and oranges.


Health is by no means a one-week event; it is a lifetime commitment. Through our Parent-Child-Community walk, we hope our students, parents, staff and community partners enjoyed the spirit of together-ness and that it reignited their zest for a healthy lifestyle.

GYPS 2020 Healthy Plate Competition

Our GYPS 2020 Healthy Plate Competition was held on Tuesday 4 February from 3.35 pm to 5.15 pm.  The main objectives of this event are to showcase the pupils’ healthy recipes and to improve Teacher-Student Relationships (TSR) by the participants bonding with their teacher-mentors.  24 teams of 2 pupils in each team took up the challenge and came up with fantastic displays of their delicious wholesome snacks.  There was a mix of teachers, PSG members and an Allied Educator who were the distinguished judges.


Inter-House Games Day 2019

30 May 2019

Inter-House Games Day took place on 30 May 2019 (Thursday) where all the P3 to P6 pupils took part in various events held at the school field.

The Inter-House Games Day was the culmination of the hard work put in by GYPS pupils and staff who took time to practise for the events and cheers over two months. It was also an opportunity for the pupils to demonstrate the school core values like Courage, Diligence, Loyalty, Honesty and Teamwork while competing to win.

Through the practices and Games Day, pupils built a sense of identity and camaraderie with the member of the houses which they belong to. The Games Day was also a day where we had our ex-GYPS pupils chipped in to help run the events.

The P3 and P4 pupils took part in a modified Captain’s Ball game using a giant beach ball aptly named “Ultra Captain’s Ball” while the P5 and P6 pupils took part in the popular “Ultimate Frisbee”. Even the parents and teachers got into some action playing Ultimate Frisbee at the end of the game, showing off slick skills and great spontaneity.

All players played hard but the eventual champion went to Loyalty House this year. Well done Loyalty House!


GYPS 100th Anniversary ACES Day 2018

4 Aug 2018

The development of the 21st Century Competencies will help our pupils to embody the desired outcomes of education. Some of these attributes are a pupil’s appreciation of the beauty of the world around him, possession of a healthy mind and body, and a zest for life.

ACES Day encourages pupils to adopt fitness as a lifestyle in a fun and communal way. This objective is in line with two of the 21st Century Competencies of possessing a healthy mind and body, and having a zest for life.

Although we are in Singapore, Guangyang Primary School teachers and pupils appreciated dancing to music from the United States of America (“Finesse” by Bruno Mars and “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons) and South Korea (“TT” by Twice). The warm-up, main dance and warm-down routines were choreographed by three Singaporean teachers in the PE Department.

Pupils from P2A, P2D and P5D led the school in the routines. These lead dancers were active contributors to this event. They were able to work effectively in teams and strove for excellence.

As a motivation to keep everyone moving on 8 August 2018, prizes were given to the class in each level for the best participation and demonstration of the school’s core values like loyalty, teamwork and diligence.


101st Annual Lower Primary Sports Carnival 2019

On 3 October 2019, as part of Guangyang Primary School’s Children’s Day celebrations, our lower primary pupils took part in the Lower Primary Sports Carnival. The carnival was also part of the school’s efforts to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

 The fun and exciting novelty games in the carnival included Life-Size Ball Pong, Sandwich Racket, Team Tank, Dribble and Shoot and Human Foosball. The games required the pupils to work in teams and use skills that they have been learning and practising in their regular PE lessons. The pupils had the added excitement of taking part in the games together with their Form Teachers.

 The games also gave the pupils the opportunity to demonstrate the school values of Loyalty, Diligence, Courage, Honesty and Teamwork. Their spirit of sportsmanship was apparent throughout the events.

 The carnival came to an exciting conclusion as our pupils’ parents took part in the Parents’ Race and showed us all that they can be just as sporty as our pupils.


100th Anniversary Monthly Jump Jam Programme 2018

The monthly Jump Jam Programme kicked off during the Annual Health Week this year. The sessions were held on Tuesdays and every session would last approximately for twenty minutes before morning assembly. The programme aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among pupils and staff. Through Jump Jam, everyone is able to exercise together.

Pupils and teachers alike, grooved to different kinds of music, from the latest, familiar and popular upbeat pop and hip-hop tunes to the most soothing and calming Asian rhythms. Jump Jam enabled everyone to exercise in a fun and exciting manner. The programme taught the pupils the school values of courage, diligence as well as teamwork. Pupils were reminded not to give up during the dance sessions even though some of the dance steps might have been challenging and new for them.



South Zone Primary School Basketball Championships 2018

The 2018 tournament started in earnest with both the Senior and Junior Boy Team picking up from where they left off last season. The were back to their winning ways with both teams having already qualified for Round 2 of the South Zone Basketball Competition.

All the best to both our Senior and Junior boys!


Guangyang Primary School Basketball in 2019

Our Basketball Senior Boys and Junior Boys Teams trained and fought hard in this year’s National School Games South Zone Basketball Competition 2019. Our boys showed their mettle as they finished Round One strongly and went on to the second round of the competition. Our Senior Boys emerged in Top 5th-8th position of the tournament.

We are proud of our Senior and Junior Boys who have displayed, and inspired by their peers, our school’s core values of Teamwork, Courage, Honesty, Diligence and Loyalty. With their mindset of excellence, the boys have already begun training as they gear towards the competitions of 2020!


CCA Achievements 2019

Please refer to School Achievements page.