Principal’s Message

Guangyang Primary School has much to celebrate; its rich heritage and its people both past and present, who have contributed to the shaping of the school into a ‘Learning Community Committed to Excellence.’

As our school enters the 100th year in 2018, I am heartened to see Guangyang Primary growing from strength to strength in many aspects of our work in providing quality holistic education. Guangyang Primary School’s main focus is aptly captured in its vision, “A Vibrant School, A Learning Community Committed to Excellence“. What we aspire to do at Guangyang Primary is to enable our pupils to be the best that they can be. Throughout our programmes, there is an intentional focus on strategies that foster resilience. It is with this mindset of growth and tenacity to persevere towards our goals that keep everyone here in Guangyang Primary moving forward .As aptly put by Mother Theresa, ‘ I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples’. Everyone here might be individual drops in the ocean but as a team which exemplifies the culture of ‘all hands on deck’ and with a mindset of excellence, we can definitely make a positive impact to the people around us, our community, our partners and our nation.

Education has a ripple effect. One drop can initiate a cascade of possibilities, each concentric circle gaining in size and travelling further. Our teachers create these ripple effects every day, helping our pupils develop a sense of self, helping them to seek understanding and not just knowledge.

In Guangyang Primary, we believe that partnerships must be the foundation for the growth of our pupils and as such we have forged a strong partnership with parents, the School Advisory Committee and the community who are key assets to the school. The spirit of service and selfless contribution are commendable. As we move on year to year, we would like to continue these collaborative partnerships so that the academic and character development of our pupils is further enhanced. When everyone unites together to provide the best education for our children, their future cannot help but be bright and only then will we be able to capture the true spirit of Guangyang Primary School.

Thank You


Vimalenthiran Vijayasingam