School Crest & Song

School Crest

GYPS School Crest

The crest consists of a shield with the name of the school on the upper section. Below the name is an open book signifying an institution of learning. The school’s core values: Loyalty, Diligence, Courage and Honesty are displayed on the book.

The name Guangyang in Mandarin means bright ocean and this is reflected by the two wavy lines at the bottom of the badge, illuminated by the sun that is the source of brightness. The ocean signifies unlimited opportunities and it is hoped that our pupils will be able to confidently face new challenges in the future.

School Song

Guangyang Primary, let’s do our very best,
Work together, to achieve success,
With integrity and kindness,
Serve with all our hearts and mind.

* Guangyang Guangyang, it’s here we learn and grow,
Leaders of tomorrow, we will be
With our ocean of knowledge,
We will scale to greater heights
Guangyang Guangyang, going forth and shining bright.
(Guangyang Guangyang, going forth and shining bright.)

Guangyang Primary, we will strive for excellence
Live our lives, with strength and confidence
Innovative and resilient,
A loyal citizen.

* Repeat