School Rules And Expectations

GYPS aims to provide a safe and caring community in which every pupil will feel he/she is a part of. Such an environment will provide him/her a positive space to learn and consequently maximise his/her GYPS experience.


The school places a premium on character education as it is the cornerstone of education.

As a pupil of Guangyang Primary School, I will always:
1. be courteous and polite to all staff, fellow pupils and visitors,
2. respect and look after the school property,
3. be punctual for school and all school events,
4. be exemplary in my conduct,
5. uphold the good name of the school and
6. be self-directed and responsible.

School Rules

Discipline in GYPS is enforced as part of the school’s effort to mould pupils’ character and provide a safe learning environment for all. It is not merely a set of rules but an attitude and a way of life that will enhance schooling.