School Safety

Safe Route to Guangyang Primary School

Pupils who walk from Bishan MRT or Bus Interchange to school tend to walk along Bishan Street 12 and cross the road at the exit and entrance of the carpark at Blk 112 where there is no designated pedestrian crossing. Pupils are advised to take the safe route to school as follows:

  • Cross the road at the junction of Bishan Street 13 and Bishan Street 11.
  • Next, cross the traffic light at the Singapore Scout Association.
  • Thereafter, walk to the traffic light junction near the bus stop outside the school and use the crossing there to reach school.

Vehicular Safety

We seek your patience and understanding to observe the traffic regulations and to exercise consideration for others. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of our pupils as well as members of the community. Please take note of the following if you are driving your children to school:

  • Slow down your driving speed to 40 kph when approaching the school vicinity along Bishan Street 12
  • Reduce vehicle speed limit to 10 kph when driving within the school compound and observe proper lane discipline at all times
  • Ensure that your child alight from the car on the side nearest to the designated drop-off point at the foyer
  • Train your child to alight from the car without your assistance

Emergency Evacuation Drills

  • Emergency evacuation drills are held at regular intervals throughout the school year. An emergency evacuation plan is placed in all classrooms and special rooms. Teachers take time to go through the emergency route and plan with the pupils at the start and the middle of the school year.

Safety and Security in the School Premises (Visitors)

  • All visitors are to report to the Security Post located at the main gate before coming into the school. All visitors are required to put on the visitor’s pass issued by the security guards. This will enable us to quickly identify unauthorised persons within the school premises. The teaching blocks (Block B and Block C) are strictly out of bounds to all visitors.
  • The school would like to appeal to all parents not to remain in the school premises unless when it is necessary.

Security in School (Pupils)

  • All pupils are to refrain from bringing valuable items and large sums of money to school.
  • Do not leave the classroom or school without the teacher’s permission.
  • Report to any Teacher or staff at the General Office at once if you are disturbed, bullied or harassed by another pupil or other people in the school.

Safety Practices for Pupils in School

Road Safety

  • Obey traffic rules at all times.
  • Alight from / board your vehicles at designated location – the foyer.
  • Walk on the pavement. Do not play.
  • Use pedestrian crossings at all times.
  • STOP, look right, look left and then look right again.
  • Be sure the vehicles have come to a stop before you step onto the road.
  • Do not rush or dash across the road.
  • Raise your hand above your head to draw attention to yourself when you cross the road.
  • Do not answer / use mobile phones or listen to music when crossing the road.

Sports Safety

  • Always check equipment is in good condition before use.
  • Do warm and cool down exercises to prevent injury.
  • Drink water in between breaks.
  • Inform teacher if you are feeling unwell.

Water Safety

  • Listen to the instructions of your teachers/coaches.
  • Swim only when an adult is with you/ a lifeguard is at the pool.
  • Wear proper swimming attire.
  • Do not run around the swimming pool area.

Fire Safety

  • Do not play with fire. Be careful when handling flammable materials.
  • Do not use flammable materials without adult supervision.
  • Do not leave heating appliances unattended.
  • Store flammable materials carefully to avoid misuse and accidents.

Science Room Safety

  • Students are not allowed to enter the Science Room without the teacher
  • Students are not allowed to enter the Preparation Room
  • Listen and abide by all instructions given by Science teacher
  • Handle apparatus and materials as instructed by the Science Teacher
  • Keep the table top clear when conducting Science experiments
  • Inform the Science Teacher immediately when any incidents occur
  • Wash your hands after working with any chemicals
  • Clean and tidy up the Science Room at all times

Art Room Safety

  • Students are not allowed to enter the Art Room without the teacher
  • Students are not allowed to enter the Art Store Room
  • Listen and abide by all instructions given by Art Teacher
  • Handle materials as instructed by the Art Teacher
  • Inform the Art Teacher immediately when any incidents occur
  • Wash your hands after working with paints and other art materials
  • Clean and tidy up the Art Room at all times
  • Keep the wash area neat and wipe any wet areas dry

Personal Hygiene

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap & water (7 steps of washing).
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue paper and dispose of it appropriately.
  • Do not share personal items like towels & handkerchiefs.
  • Wear a mask when having flu or common cold.
  • Do not spit on the floor.