Visit by Su Zhou Teachers

Guangyang Primary School(GYPS) hosted twenty one Primary and High school teachers from Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) on 10 July 2019. These teachers were on a 5-day programme in Singapore organised by the National Institute of Education (NIE).

Our school ambassadors confidently leading the guests

The programme, a collaboration between NIE and SIP’s administrative committee under the sponsorship of Temasek Foundation, consisted of a series of workshops for the SIP teachers to share with them on innovative pedagogies to spark students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. The programme focuses on the area of Science, Math and Design and Technology as well as integrating these subjects for meaningful learning.

School ambassadors in action


Mr Seet – the perfect interpreter for this visit


GYPS had our guests visiting classrooms to observe some of our teachers engaging students and experiencing the joy of learning for themselves. They also observed our pre-assembly activities, flag-raising ceremony and were treated to a tour of the various facilities in the school by our school ambassadors.


Observing students learning

Using the student learning space to engage students


Our school ambassadors did us proud by bringing our guests round the school and answering their queries with confidence and elegance. The visit ended with our Vice-Principal, Mr Sunny Ho, giving an overview of the school’s history, mission and vision and a brief introduction to the curriculum and school life of teachers and students in GYPS.

Once again, GYPS amazed and delighted our guests, who were full of praises for our teachers, leaders and the excellent showmanship by our school ambassadors!

Mr Sunny Ho (Vice Principal) engaging our guests


Our amazing school ambassadors

Game based learning

A photo together